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We offer sponsorship opportunities in incomparable cost either if u compare it with what's available in market, or with your expenditures, or with what u can earn


        Enhancing your image

        Enhancing your company's positioning in customers minds

        Creating positive publicity

        Increasing your visibility (of your company and your website) 

        To be viewed as a supporter of such bibliographic work

        Differentiating from your competitors by gaining a great competitive advantage over them

   Types of Sponsorships    
            Main Sponsor     
                      already booked for Sindbad Bookshop (Cairo, Egypt)
            Official Sponsor (General) ---- available    
          Official Sponsors (by type) ---- available    
                           Main Types ( for additional types see the PDF file )    
                           Official Publisher (one or more )    
                           Official Bookstore (one or more )    
  for Sponsorships Benefits , Rate Card, please view this file    



Arabi/Arabisch's audiences are the same as yours , so our product represents an excellent medium to be associated with by gaining its sponsorship, click here to know about distribution channels and readership of this product .


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