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        A bibliographic work , a reference work , which its main role is to bibliographically control web sites of German publishers that publishes printed books for Arabian authors, which can help in facilitating access to those websites and books ,and increasing the awareness of availability of such websites and books .

        It's published in the context of the project which adopted by Biblioarab, a project called " Arab Book Record " that interests in bibliographic control of Arab book industry and trade's websites around the world , the first production in this project published in March 2006 in it's first Arabic edition under the title " Mahfouzian Horizons : webguide of commercial publishing houses outside the Arabic countries which publishes translations of Naguib Mahfouz works " this work covers 42 publishers from 18 countries publishes 193 translations of 41 works of mahfouz in 14 languages  (this work available for free download at http://www.biblioarab.com/mahfuz.htm). here it comes Arabi/Arabisch as the second release in the same project .

         Arabi/Arabisch based on the idea of combination between traditional printed medium (books) , and modern electronic medium (websites or scientifically known as remotely accessed electronic information resources ) ,

         Arabi/Arabisch supports Arab books (Arab by subject , language and author) exchanging  flow between Arab Nation and Germany , by presenting what help in bridging the links and relations between Arab ,German and International publishing parties , and readers , and Acquisition Institutions such as libraries .

         Arabi/Arabisch takes part in supporting the Acquisition Process in Arab and world Libraries of Arab books in Deutsch .

         Arabi/Arabisch    Shares in  supporting translation from/to Arabic as well as Deutsch, by presenting the information that may help if it well invested .

         Arabi/Arabisch Serves the Arabic culture , as well as German culture , by revealing the size of one of written intercultural communications between Arabs and Germans .


Covers about 90 German publishers that publishes books for about 108 Arabian authors , either it's translated from Arabic to Deutsch , or originally written in Deutsch , or translated to Deutsch through anther middle languages


Electronic Book ( e-book ) ; PDF file

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Arabic (in the first edition )

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- main body : publishers arranged alphabetically by the publisher's name

- indexes : authors index , geographic index


A complementary issue , distributed freely , it will be available for free download through our website , accompanying with publicity emailing campaigns to all potential readers and libraries in Arab countries , Germany , worldwide.

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